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We're back on News/Talk 1150 & 97.5 KRMS Friday nights at 6pm!

It's goodbye for now...

Well everyone I think it's time to make the official announcement. After 30 years of being the leading racing program in the Midwest, NASCAR FRIDAYS is officially over. Due to financial constraints, the loss of our major sponsor this year and your host being responsible for an two young boys, I've decided to officially stop producing the program.

I sincerely appreciate all of you who have supported me throughout the years including our previous hosts who kept the show going including Dorsey Schroeder & Ed Foxmiere. It has been fun broadcasting from Homestead-Miami Speedway, Kansas Speedway and Gateway International raceway for the years that I did. I want to thank the Lucas Oil Speedway for their years of sponsorship and friendship for the show. Both Randy and Dan have been great friends to me and I hope we can do something again in the future. And thank you to Dennis and Ken at News/Talk 1150 & 97.5 KRMS for the years the show was hosted on the station. It was a true staple in the community

I will continue to operate our social media pages including Facebook and Twitter, but we are closing down the website and the show is no longer on the air. Not only can I not dedicate the proper time that is need in bringing the coverage I promised you all anymore, but I cannot maintain the costs by myself as I have for the past 5 years.

It has been a pleasure being your host and maybe someday it will come back. Until then, thank you all.



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Big news fans of the Auto racing and Boat racing across the state of Missouri and throughout the USA.....NASCAR FRIDAYS is back on News/Talk 1150 & 97.5 KRMS! Join us for great racing discussions from NASCAR to Dirt and OSS to Motocross.....it's all on the NF radio program with you host John Rogger.

We are happy to be back on the air thanks to our friends at Lucas Oil Speedway the home of Saturday Night Dirt Racing and now home to the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series in the state of Missouri! for more info on the Lucas Oil Speedway, log on to http://lucasoilspeedway.com


We'll be on each friday starting the 15th of February at 6PM live on 1150 AM or 97.5 FM, online at http://krmsradio.com and on your smartphone via the TuneIn APP...search KRMS.


We'll see you this weekend!



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Keeping up with NASCAR FRIDAYS

For our friends and fans, here is the schedule for events this weekend at the Homestead Miami Speedway.


Thursday: Join us at South Beach in Miami Beach, FL for the  NASCAR Championship Drive. All day event starting at 10am with Contenders Press Conference live on Speed/MRN. Later the trucks haul into south beach and the events continue through the night with the Coca-Cola racing family concert featuring Blake Shelton. It's a blast!

Friday: We're live at the Homestead Miami Speedway with our regular racing program NASCAR FRIDAYS...PLEASE NOTE!!!!!!!!! We will be starting at 6:30PM!!!!!! Due to MRN's broadcast we have to move back 30mins. It's from 6:30 to 7:30 that night only. 

Saturday: Live at Homestead Miami Speedway for our special "Ask the Crew Chief Experts" where our callers can call in and ask our Crew Chiefs any question they'd like. It's from 3pm-4pm

Sunday: Live for the final day at Homestead Miami Speedway for the special Sunday broadcast from 12-2pm. 2 hours packed with NASCAR news, notes, stats and driver interviews as well as activities from around the track. Then we kick it in to high gear as Tony and Carl battle for the Sprint Cup Title.

Monday: Look for a total weekend blog post about all the activities from the past weekend with my personal thoughts and info on our website nascarfridays.com as well as a link via twitter and facebook.


Hope everyone enjoys the weekend! 

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Kyle Busch shot himself in the foot this weekend

While the chase for the sprint cup has squeezed itself into a 2 to possible 4 man race, Kyle Busch is right there......hurting his career.

First off I said it on Twitter/Facebook that very night, he's done. I have no idea what he was thinking but he just knocked his career back 5 stages. 

His actions on the track toward Ron Hornaday basically said "I don't like being bumped, i'm a jerk and Boom...you're out of my way now"

Well congrads kyle, now you are too! The first thing done was NASCAR banning him for the weekend. Wow, you had a chance to get involved for the chase and maybe win a sprint cup championship. Now, your chance is gone. It's over. And there's more

Later NASCAR decided to put him on probation. I knew that was coming considering his past actions. NASCAR is sick of him. As Rusty Wallace said on ESPN's broadcast "NASCAR told me once they didn't need me, i was replaceable" well Kyle is too.

Now, sponsors are upset. Joe Gibbs is upset. Everyone is upset. You've done it this time Kyle.

Don't be surprised if Joe fires Kyle, or if M&M's leaves at the end of the year. Just today Z-Line said they do not want Kyle racing their Nationwide car at Homestead Miami Speedway. Instead they're asking for Denny Hamlin.

While the chase is really growing between Carl and Tony (who is doing very well) and Kevin and Matt are still in it (depending on what they do this weekend), Kyle is starting to steal half the attention as former fans, team members, owners, sponsors and more begin to turn their backs on Kyle.


All I can say is...this was not a good decision by Kyle Busch and he is going to keep paying for it through the off season.


See you Friday on the show at 7pm est.

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Jimmie Johnson has class and Brian Vickers should give it up

I don't know about you but after watching last weekend's race I really noticed some important things.

First, Jimme Johnson has some serious class. He is a one of a kind racer. To understand better, notice his interview on ESPN to why he didn't take out Tony Stewart at the end of the race. Clearly he could have! He could have taken him out and won that race!

But that's not Jimmie Johnson. Jimme said very clearly "That's just not right, its not how I race". WOW! For years i've often wondered if there was any class left in most sports, proof right there. He truly wants to win with respect for doing it the "right way". Bravo Mr. Johnson, that's the spirit I'd like to see others have.

There's nothing wrong with beating and banging during a race. However, at the end...that's just not right. When you do it just because you wanted to win isn't really racing, it's playing dirty. Kudos to Jimmie.

Also, Brian Vickers...man could you get in enough accidents? You know at the beginning or middle of the year when drivers are just racing, not really for chase points but just in general....it's ok to do what he did then. Crash a million times and come back out several laps down just to crash some more.

But to do it during a chase race where 12 drivers are seriously in jeopardy of getting SLAMMED in points because of it is plan silly. He should have noticed how many accidents he got into and caused. He for sure didn't make Jamie McMurry to happy now did he?

And fact is without Brian's last accident, Jimmie Johnson more than likely would have won the race. I'm not saying someone else wouldn't have crashed, i'm just saying Brian Vickers needs to learn to quit when he's ahead.

That was a terrible performance.

Great race though, Tony Stewart truly showed how willing he is to purse this year's title. Every issue in the book and yet at the end he won. It's going to be an awesome race at Texas

Tune into the show this Friday at 7pm, we're going to talk about this and I'd love your input!


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